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About Us

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Rise In Light

Rise In Light was first conceived as a COVID-19 immediate relief campaign led by Melanin Unscripted and Khan Foundation Nigeria. The COVID-19 pandemic created an unprecedented impact in every corner of the globe, especially for our most vulnerable populations — children, elders, low-income families, and individuals facing a lack of work opportunities and homelessness. 

In April 2020, we partnered with Khan Foundation Nigeria and creative ambassador Alton Mason to release a short film and create a crowdfunding campaign called Rise In Light. After its success in raising over $11,000 and providing aid and essential resources like food and toiletries for over 400 families in Lagos, Nigeria’s Iwaya and Makoko communities, Rise In Light now serves as a platform for collaboration between artists, brands, and individuals who align with our impact mission to bridge creativity and relief.


The Rise In Light Approach

Our core belief is that carefully nurtured creativity serves as an essential tool for mobilizing innovative action towards social and political change. Art influences society and culture by shaping opinions and values, translating experiences across space and time. Rise in Light utilizes creativity to facilitate social impact projects that support Black communities, many of which have vastly impacted art in society without proportionate economic benefit.

 By sharing knowledge and developing resources, our initiatives foster care in spaces for youth development and their respective communities. We hope to seed cultural connections across the globe by sharing diverse perspectives and uplifting authentic narratives that transcend borders.

Our Five C Theory

Developing creative content that highlights diverse culture , in order to give rise to a shift that impacts the community and creates influence at a corporate level, to then create a pathway towards sustainable, social change.