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Rise In Light

“Rise in Light” is a movement created by the youth to inspire and ignite the future leaders of our world. It’s a call for change, evidence of freedom, and the expression of love and joy.”  – Alton Mason

Rise In Light campaign led by Melanin Unscripted and Alton Mason is organizing this fundraiser on behalf of Khan Foundation Nigeria.

These contributions will lend a hand to parents, and assist their children as they work together to maintain a healthy environment under quarantine. The mere privilege of the practice of quarantine is often overlooked despite its extreme additional challenges in underprivileged communities.

Directed by Amarachi Nwosu and Soof Light, the Rise in Light short film aims to inspire hope, faith, and our ability to build for a better future together.

Let's Come Together

The Covid-19 pandemic has created unprecedented needs in every corner of the globe, especially for our most vulnerable populations — children, low-income families, the elderly, and individuals facing job disruptions. These communities now face even greater barriers to receiving safe and consistent access to meals, medication, and basic necessities. Slums in Lagos, Nigeria such as Makoko and Iwaya; many skilled manual laborers have suffered a reduction in income or lost their jobs entirely, and therefore lack their means of subsistence.

Our goal is to ease the burden on their households during this period of instability, global lock downs, and economic turmoil. We realize COVID-19 is affecting all of us, but it is important that less privileged families in our global communities know that they are not alone. 

Alton Mason

Through the creation of a coming of age short film featuring international supermodel, Alton Mason, the “Rise in Light” campaign was created. Set in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria, and as a debut to Alton’s first song, this story is used to highlight our connection to people, the environment, and particularly the children of Lagos, through an insight into Alton’s own self-discovery. 

Alton is the first Black male model to walk for Chanel. He earned a spot on the cover of GQ Australia, just before receiving their 2019 Model Of The Year Award. With his current recognition, influence and stardom , he wants to use it to bring awareness and shed light on issues through our Rise in Light campaign.

How can you help?

  1. If you are in a position to contribute and have the means to take action monetarily, you can support by donating today. No dollar amount is too small. With just $30 your donation can provide a month of relief items for up to a family of 8 and the goal is to reach a total of 300+ families. DONATE NOW
  2. Join our movement to create awareness: Share a video with your community on what the world needs more of at this time and end it with “Rise in Light”.
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This is an unusual time for all of us, and this unique crisis of uncertainty, fear, and lack of resources is felt deeply. So, please join us as we help our communities during this global pandemic.


Please Note: This fundraiser is managed by Melanin Unscripted and Alton Mason on behalf of Khan Foundation.

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