Storyteller for change- winner

Storytellers for Change Winner Revealed:

Meet Miracle Blaise!

Meet our Storyteller for Change, Miracle Blaise!

On September 14, 2023, Melanin Unscripted and Rise in Light announced the Storytellers for Change Film Grant, in partnership with Global Oncology, UN Global Goals, Document Women, Family, Inc., and LL&B. This initiative empowers Nigerian filmmakers to weave impactful narratives focused on cervical cancer awareness and treatment.
Following a remarkable outpour of submissions, we are delighted to announce Miracle Blaise as the official winner of the Storytellers for Change Film Grant.
Expressing enthusiasm, Miracle shares, “Winning this grant is not just a personal milestone but the beginning of a journey toward significant impact, reaching a broad audience that must be part of the change.”
“I am excited about telling a story that can change for the better. That can alter perceptions and be the one simple contributor to it's viewers journey towards saving their lives. It is a cape-wearing moment in my career as a storyteller. Winning this grant is first a personal buildup towards great things. The Storytellers for Change Grant is going to be making life changing impacts beginning here, with me, while reaching a large body of viewers who must share in the change.”

Unveiling Humanity: Miracle's Dedication to Filmmaking​

Hailing from Uyo, Akwa Ibom State in Nigeria, Miracle is dedicated to exploring the foundations of humanity through his work. His impactful short films, including “Magic Seed Vandi," “The Sea Was a Hollow,” and “Apparition,” showcase his adeptness at navigating the intricacies of the
human experience.

Reflecting on his craft, Miracle states, “Storytelling is a wholesome adventure. It introduces me not only to the intriguing dynamics of the world I set out to explore but also to the world that unfolds in my encounters with fellow storytellers and opportunities such as this one.”

His creative ethos revolves around exploring the emotions and experiences that unify people, earning him recognition as an award-winning filmmaker with a keen eye for expression. His winning submission seamlessly incorporates tones of the human experience, reinforcing the theme of cervical cancer’s global impact on women.

Shedding a Light on Cervical Cancer with Storytelling​​

Cervical cancer poses a global health crisis affecting women, including those in Nigeria, where a lack of awareness heightens vulnerability. Miracle's envisioned story aims to explore human relationships as a support system in the fight against cervical cancer, intending to evoke empathy and understanding in viewers.

Miracle emphasizes the urgency, stating,

“The intended story will seek to explore human relationships as a support system for the fight
against cervical cancer. Building on human moments, I intend to explore the empathy of the viewers in the various elements of the story. To relay a visual journey that informs you, side by side, a journey that can call to your emotions. As a filmmaker in Nigeria, I feel honored to share knowledge of cervical cancer prevention, treatment, and the strength of women's support, especially in the grossly under-informed regions of Africa.”

Miracle’s power comes from his strength as a storyteller, and with him as our winner of the Storytellers for Change Film Grant, we are excited to see his story cause an impact in our world and shape a cervical cancer free Nigeria.

About Melanin Unscripted and Rise in Light.​

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